Long Distance relations:
Problems and Solutions Today and thanks to internet the search for a partner becomes more global.

Today is not strange to online chat with people live hundreds or thousands of miles away from us, make contacts, friendships, and even find love. Long-Distance relationships Do you maintain a long distance relationship?

Both are surely aware of the difficulties that this involves. People says that love can do everything, and with these simple steps, distance will not be more than a small stone in your relationship roadmap.

Problem: you live in different places and the lack of real presence and the distance from each other, sometimes makes you feel like strangers.
Tip: try to be always about having the contact (although not physically). Something as easy as daily phone call, use Skype, WhatsApp, or also write daily emails will bring much closer. Make part your partner of your daily problems from work or home. Create daily behaviors that both can perform at the same time in their respective homes. For example watch the same movie or listen to the same song. Do not loose contact because it is the most important thing that fuel the spark of love.

Problem: distance makes you doubt and makes you feel jealous.
Tip: speak openly about your concerns. If you are keeping this relationship it is because both of you committed it and want it. Nothing will help to try to control the other person to know with who is related, if goes out with friends, looking for friends or couple, or is unfaithful. Problem: it seems that the distance will always exist. The limited physical contact damages the couple relation. Tip: plan how the future will be with your partner. Many people begin a long distance relationship knowing that the distance will be temporary, but if time passes and the relationship remains in the same stage, it will be necessary to both of you, to show your vision of the relationship in the near future. If both agree to continue in the same way, it is all right but If one of the couple wants something more from this relationship, it is time to make a review of the future. Find friends or meet people can be an escape route, but not a good idea if you want to fight for the relationship.

Problem: I do not know "who we are"
Tip: define your relationship before more progress. If relationships are already complicated in itself, more complicated are when there are miles between. You must know if you are going to have an exclusive relationship or an open relationship (you are going to see other people), or you only will be a special friends; prevent misunderstandings and "greater evils".

Other tips
- If you don’t leave far away try to make a trip to see each other and make some activities.
- Use technology to communicate. Nowadays is very easy, for example install skype in your PC Keep your faith that the relationship will work.
- Be cautions with people that says that long distance does not work.
- Be romantic… try writing handwritten letters as our grandparents used.

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