Russian Web Dating is an International dating website that joins the global online dating network powered by Anastasia Date International (one of the most important dating and marriage company from Europe) with offices in United Sates, and several cities of Europe.

Why we choose Anastasia as our main dating partner? Anastasia International Company is the industry’s leader about International Introduction offering Romance Tours, to join foreign men with single women from CIS countries like Russia and Ukraine for friendship, long-term relationships and marriage.

Anastasia Web websites partners count more than 36 million visitors per year with over 600,000 e-mails exchanged per day between active members.

An the most important reason why we work with Anastasia: Working with Anastasia you are working with hundreds of local dating agencies located in several cities (most of them CIS Countries like Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine that do not have website). What means that? that through those local dating agencies we can provide a bigger database of girls... so more bigger database of girls profile... more chances for you, to find the girl you are searching for marriage or friendship.

Feel free to browse our site, feel free to contact us. If you have recommendations, questions or what ever.

If you have doubts about Scam, please read our scam article to follow our useful recommendations (to use in our website or in other online dating websites).


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